What do I need to start the AI Shoot process?

Simply provide us with a product image that you want to enhance, and we'll do the rest. Our advanced AI models will effortlessly stage it on stunning new backgrounds or make subtle modifications - depending on your preference.

Are there any special requirements for the input product image?

For optimal results, choose a product photograph with a simple background. If the subject of the photo is unclear due to other objects in close proximity or a high-contrast background, our AI system may have difficulty accurately identifying the product for enhancement. To ensure the best outcome, select a clear and concise image.

Here are some few basic rules that we ended up with after testing with hundreds of input images. Follow those to get best results:

  • make sure your subject is evently lit without sharp shadows
  • make sure the subject takes 60-70% of the frame - so it's easily visible while there's room in the frame for AI to generate new visuals
  • use a calm or blurred background - otherwise the AI algorithms will have a hard time figuring out where is the subject vs where is the background. It's best to avoid patterns and multiple objects in the frame
  • avoid including small parts outside of the main subject body as this might confuse AI too

Do I need a high quality DSLR photograph?

Not at all! Our innovative approach allows you to achieve fantastic results even with a high-quality smartphone image. Simply ensure that the subject is well-lit and positioned as desired, and let us do the rest.

How quickly will I see my AI Shoot results?

Our goal is to deliver your first results within seconds. While our service capacity is subject to limitations, we continuously strive to enhance and optimize our performance using cutting-edge streaming technology to ensure you receive your results as soon as they are available.

Typically you'll get first results within 30 seconds, it might get a bit longer (up to a minute) if we're handling a particularly high demand peak at a given moment.

How many results will I get for a single Restage/Remix?

To give you a variety of options, each time you click Restage/Remix we create a batch of 16 shots. This approach is similar to physical photo shoots, where you capture multiple shots and select the best ones for your needs.

We recommend running 2-3 restages/remixes to get larger variaty of results but often times, if the product is well lit and recognizible you'll get really good results even during a single run.

What is your refund policy?

Unfortunately, the compute required to run AI is still pretty expensive and each run incurs significant costs on our end. We're happy to refund you though, if you've used less than 10% of your credits and haven't got satisfactory results. At the same time we'd love to hear from you to learn what we can improve! Just contact us and we'll figure it out.